Saturday, March 08, 2014

Paddles of 2014

March 7  St John, VI    Cinnamon, Maho, and Francis Bay
June 7     Gloucester to Manchester
July 19    Gloucester, West Side
July 23    Lake Cochituate practice session
July 26    Lake Jody pool practice
July 27    Boston Harbor "inner islands"
August 31  Lake Cochituate paddle and practice
September 7    Telegraph Cove to Blinkhorn Point, Johnstone Strait, BC (3.4m)
September 8    Hanson Island, Blackfish Sound, BC (7.5m)
September 9    Cedar Island, Broughton Archipeligo, BC (8.6m)
September 10  Insect Island, Broughton Archipeligo, BC (17.1m)
September 11  Burdwood Group, Hornet Passage, BC (7.8m)
September 12  Echo Bay, Cramer Passage, BC (4.5m) to TC (22.5m)
September 27 Sakonnet Point
October 25   Fort Wetherel
December 27 Wickford to Rome Point